Digital Pianos

Digital Pianos – Why Select a Digital over a Traditional Piano?
What kind of instrument is a piano? Depending on who you ask and what categorization is used, it may be classified as a keyboard, a percussion instrument or a string instrument. The piano has been around for a long time in western music and is popular for solo as well as orchestral performances. Among the materials used in a piano are the strings, pin blocks, plates, a soundboard, and pedals. The 3 types of pedals are the damper pedal, soft pedal, and sostenuto pedal. These days you can buy a digital piano that looks and feels very much like an acoustic piano.

Digital pianos have a number of advantages when compared with a normal or traditional piano. They tend to be lighter and can be transported more easily.

Digital pianos do not have to be tuned can are therefore maintenance free.

They also come with different piano timbres and sounds.

MIDI implementation and thus computer recording, transcription and composition are applications that are usually integrated.

You can transpose easily and use a headphone with a digital piano. These days, the sound emitted by a digital piano can be so good that most listeners are not able to tell the difference between that and an acoustic piano. With sounds samples, manufacturers are now able to closely duplicate the tone of real acoustic pianos. Some critics, however, maintain that no matter how well the sound is replicated that a digital piano will never sound exactly like a traditional piano. They continue to claim that the acoustic sound will always be far superior to what is produced by a digital piano.

Despite this, many musicians are choosing digital pianos because of their portability, MIDI capabilities, and maintenance free features.

Digital pianos are far superior to their acoustic counterparts when it comes to their MIDI capabilities which allow the musician to record their performance to a computer, experiment with different sounds and rhythm accompaniments and musical arrangements.